Aug 12, 2018 / Four Seasons in New York
- Gems of Japanese Music - vol.12

Date 2018年8月12日
Time 4:00 pm
Place Center for Remembering and Sharing, White Room
Ticket・Price $25 (in advance), $30 (at the door) including Japanese confectionary
performer Yoko Reikano Kimura (koto, shamisen, voice)
Tel: 212-677-8621:
This will be the forth concert of 2017-18 season of "Four Seasons in New York - Gems of Japanese Music-. After many centuries, the brilliance of traditional Japanese music is still being passed on to the present day. Please come and experience the sounds of koto and shamisen and enjoy the taste of the four seasons here in New York. This concert will feature each season's representative traditional works along with the colorful and delicate Japanese confectionaries prepared by mochi Rin

2017-18シーズン 第4回目ー夏ー